Commited To Quality

PFP Contracting Limited's (PFP's) quality assurance policy is to provide resources and systems to allow them to meet the highest standards of quality expected by their clients and all contractual and regulatory requirements.

The Managing Director of PFP has overall responsibility for ensuring that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained through out the company and for ensuring that PFP have the necessary qualified personnel, training and operating processes to service the business needs of the Company.

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The directors of PFP are committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and improving a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9002:1994 and to gain certification in line with this.

Operating to this QMS means that all activities, which have a bearing upon quality, are set out in documented procedures. Systematic and thorough checks are made on all materials and equipment used. Test equipment is subject to regular checks and is calibrated and traceable to national standards. All activities are recorded in line with these procedural requirements.

All of PFP's employees are directed to conform to this Quality Management System as appropriate to their work activities. All sub-contractors, suppliers and vendors whose goods or services have a bearing on the quality of PFP's performance should have a Quality Management System demonstrably founded on accepted International Quality Standards.

Regular audits and reviews are undertaken in order to monitor the effective implementation of the QMS.

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