Looking After Our Environment

PFP Contracting Limited (PFP) is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its business activities. PFP's goal is to continually improve performance through an Environmental Management System (EMS), with demonstrable results, as this is seen as critical to future business growth. Implementation of this Environmental Policy is the responsibility of the Managing Director of PFP.

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A calm day in the North Sea

PFP is committed to complying with legislation, regulations and relevant industry codes of practise. In addition PFP shall respond pro-actively to the expectations and concerns of its customers and the public by demonstrating that it safeguards the environment and manage its activities in a responsible manner.

PFP shall ensure that all its employees and sub-contractors are aware of their responsibilities with regard to the EMS to ensure that they take all precautions necessary to minimise damage to the environment by their actions. All employees will be expected to report any environmentally threatening situation immediately. No employee will be penalised or disadvantages by such action. Any breaches of Company Environmental Procedures may result in disciplinary action.

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